n  What is 3-dimention restoration ?

3-dimention restoration has different kinds of shapes which are called Inlays, onlays, overlays, or veneers. They are very thin pieces of resist staining, tooth shaped porcelain or cast gold that are custom made (for shape and color), which are the new alternatives for filling materials.

3-dimention restoration is mostly used in large size of filling in tooth cavity or when old amalgam or resin fillings need to be removed and replaced.

n  Reasons for 3-dimention restoration?

3-dimention restoration in dental restoration is a high standard of tech in dental care and benefits serious damaged tooth on chewing surface.

Reasons of composite resin, amalgam and dental crown are no longer the ideal restoration:  

l   Composite resin or amalgam in large fillings may easily chip or shrimp over time, and serious got colored by coffee, tea, tobacco...etc.

l   Tooth structure must be circumferentially removed to fit the dental crown, which means tooth should be highly reduced in size and traumatic to the tooth. Furthermore, tooth also risk getting accumulation of bacteria under it leading to infection and damage to the tooth underneath.  

3-dimention restoration is a secure restoration in large filling for its durable and nature tooth conservation.

n  How it is performed?

The treatments may take few hours to complete in about two visits.

In the first visit, dentists will use different kinds of drill to remove the decay, old fillings, and unsupported enamel of the tooth, them place impression material on your teeth to memorize tooth’ shape for doing a model of veneer.

Between two visit, temporary filling will be placed in the surface of treated tooth, hard bite and sticky food should avoid.

In the second visit, 3-dimention restoration will be directed placed into the cavity, accompanied by several bite adjustments.

l   You may be given local anesthesia to numb the area if necessary.