Dental implants – A whole new begin of your Smile !

We provide one of the most comfortable and effective dental implant procedures.

n  Dental implants

Tooth loss can negatively affect appearance of your smile and cause severe functional problems on your ability to eat and talk. Aside from problems of poor appearance, missing tooth can lead to chewing difficulty, shifting of the remaining teeth or facial structure changes.

Dental implants feel and function like real teeth. Implants are the placement of prosthetic tooth roots (Titanium supports) into the jaw bone to replace the missing teeth.

n  Advantages of Dental Implants

- No impact on existing teeth

- Prevent existing teeth from shifting into an empty space left by a missing tooth.

- With proper care, implants are strong and stable can last longer.

n  How it is done

l   Consultation and Examination

    - oral examination

  - X-rays ,3D scan, or CT scan

  - consultations  

l   The surgical Procedures

Dental Implants will be placed under local anesthesia, the top part of the dental implant may left exposed.

Bone grafting (Bone reconstruction) sometimes may be necessary when there are bone defects or bone deficiency.

l   Osseointegration period (waiting for healing):

Once the prosthetic tooth roots have been placed, it will take one to several months to heal.

l   The prosthetic procedure

An impression procedure of the dental implant. It may take 2 visits or more depending on the complexity of the case.

l   Regular check-up


n  Different kinds of Dental implants


l   Traditional implants and Minimally invasive implants