Teeth are easily got stained and become darken by eating or drinking overtime. Teeth whitening is a simple, popular, and completely safe way to gain your beautiful smile back.



n   Who are candidates for tooth whitening?

o    Teeth got yellow or less bright and stain by drinking dark-colored liquids or tobacco.

o     Teeth got darken by cavity, dental restoration, or undertaking specific medicine, and color be changed inside. 

n   Does every tooth can undergo teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening can only be processed in the teeth with no decay or other defection like periodontal disease and roots exposure.

We offer great teeth whitening consultation and professional dental care at our practice.

n   Different tooth whitening procedures”

1.      Jet Polish

Combination of powder and water jet, jet polish removes external stain on teeth, which is the first step of whiter.

2.    LED Teeth Whitening

3.    Home Beaching Treatments

Bleach-based treatments, includes several applications for treatments or at-home brighteners, differs from bleaching systems.


n   Things you should know

l   Whitening products may cause sensitivity in a short time.

l   The average whitening effect can last between six months to couple of years. Results differ from person to person, depends on eating habits. We will provide you with further assistance on retaining whiteness for as long as possible and to avoid stains.